The Ruffian

Luis Gonzales Posada

By: Luis Gonzales Posada - 28/03/2024

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The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines a ruffian as a person "without honor, perverse, despicable."

The phrase fits, precisely, the figure of the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who after disqualifying the social democrat, Maria Corina Machado (MCM), has done the same with her replacement, Corina Yaris, prestigious academic and professor of philosophy, representative of the opposition Unitary Platform.

Thus, Maduro has mocked not only the plains people, but also the international community because in the meeting held on October 17, 2023 in Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, he made a commitment to the representatives of the United States, Russia, the Netherlands, Colombia and Mexico to respect the right of all groups to select their presidential candidate and to release the 280 political, civil and military prisoners, in exchange for Washington lifting sanctions against that country's hydrocarbon, natural gas and gold industries. .

But the ruffian has mocked all his commitments to consummate a grotesque electoral fraud, where he does not even allow voting abroad because, according to the Meganalisis International survey, 98% would do so for the opposition.

Given what happened, we hope that the democratic governments of the hemisphere - including Peru - withdraw their ambassadors from Caracas and do not recognize the electoral results that, without a doubt, will give "victory" to Maduro, because he has only allowed the registration of Manuel Rosales, governor of the State of Zulia, who at the time confronted Chávez and lived in exile in Peru and who has long been considered a mole of the regime.

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