The books edited by the Interamerican Institute for Democracy Publishing Fund, including our quarterly publication Democracy Papers. incluyendo nuestra publicación trimestral Democracy Papers.

  • Gary Prado Araúz
  • The Undue Process

  • Legal and Political Analysis of the Investigation of the "Terrorism Case"
  • by Carlos Alberto Montaner (Author),‎ Armando Valladares (Author),‎ Carlos Sanchez Berzain (Author),‎ Beatrice Rangel (Author),‎ Cesar Vidal (Author),‎ Luis Fleischman (Author)
  • Democracy Snapshots

  • The Democracy Paper No. 13
  • October 31st, 2017
  • Daniela Salazar Marin (Author), Jaime Vintimilla Saldana (Author), Jorge Zavala Egas (Author), Fabricio Rubianes Morales (Author), Carlos Manosalvas Silva (Author), Rafael Paredes Corral (Author), Sebastian Gonzalez (Author), Pier Pigozzi (Author)
  • The Role of the Judiciary in the Violation of Human Rights in Ecuador

  • Six Case Studies
  • February 24, 2017

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