In the Americas the rule of law succumbs

Beatrice E. Rangel

By: Beatrice E. Rangel - 27/02/2024

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On September 21, 1972, the world was shocked by the assassination of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean ambassador to the United States and former member of the executive cabinet chaired by Salvador Allende. The crime was planned and carried out by agents of the DNA of Chile, a country that at the time was governed by Augusto Pinochet.

And although the disagreement that the murder caused between the authorities of Chile and those of the United States never transcended public opinion, the power factors of the United States indicated to Mr. Pinochet that the commission of political crimes in its territory was not welcome. in Washington.

Seventy years ago, most of the nations in the region were governed by military dictatorships. Those dictatorships, except for those of Pinochet and Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, respected the rule of law in other countries in the hemisphere. This practice is not followed by modern dictators since the region's intelligence agencies report that there are criminal groups who, wearing political clothing and claiming leftist credentials, have adopted the modus operandi of both dictators.

The new authoritarian generation has innovated in terms of violating the rule of law and executing missions aimed at violating the principles of political asylum and the inviolability of foreign territories.

We thus see how the Venezuelan regime mixes among the desperate migrants fleeing poverty and death elements of organized crime with which they have sealed cooperation pacts. Thus, the exiled communities and the plain diaspora are monitored by a body of criminals who not only inform the Venezuelan regime about the events that take place within the expatriate community but also carry out punitive actions, be they assaults, robberies or murders.

Many of these practices go unnoticed since the victims are people who act as couriers for opposition forces or as activists who organize demonstrations and protests. The modus operandi of the Venezuelan regime consists of sending one of the thugs infiltrated in the migrant rivers to tell the person they wish to silence that there will be retaliation if they continue to denigrate the Bolivarian regime. And of course the threats become credible when the thugs appear in the vicinity of the schools or the simple homes of the migrants.

There is also no shortage of operations to kidnap people who, thanks to the efforts of the international community, have been able to leave Venezuela. The most recent episode of this series has been the kidnapping perpetrated on Chilean soil against Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda Moreno.

In summary, the rule of law created by the generations that fought for democracy in Latin America such as Victor Paz, Victor Haya de la Torre; Jose Figueres Ferrer, Alberto Lleras Camargo, Eduardo Frei Montalvo, Arturo Frondizi, and Rómulo Betancourt is being destroyed by 21st century socialism.

The collapse of the rule of law in Latin America will have serious consequences for regional stability and it could happen that the United States will not be able to confront it successfully as it has not been able to confront the migratory wave of Latin Americans seeking to live in a nation governed by the state. of law. The leading democracy of the free world could then be hijacked.

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