The legacy of Alan García

Luis Gonzales Posada

By: Luis Gonzales Posada - 19/04/2024

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Five years have passed since the sensitive death of President Alan García, a victim of systematic and cruel harassment that involved judges, prosecutors, the media and the corrupt Martín Vizcarra.

There is plenty of evidence about this infamous agreement to imprison and, previously, humiliate the APRA leader, attempting to extract him from his home, framed and wearing a jacket with the word “detained.”

To carry out this perfidious action, Domingo Pérez's junior prosecutor knocked on the door of his house at 6 in the morning, supported by the DIVIAC, directed by H. Colchado, when that procedure should have been carried out by the Judicial Police in accordance with its organic law. ; And, even more serious, despite their secretive nature, the plotters allowed a cameraman from television channel 4 to participate to record the disgraceful image and project it to the world, a perverse humiliation that the president avoided with his death.

Given this, it is up to Congress to appoint a multi-party commission to investigate this dramatic episode, which is much more important than using time investigating the origin of Mrs. Boluarte's watches or other trivial matters.

It is, in effect, about clarifying the diabolical conspiracy to harass and induce the death of someone who was a member of the Constituent Assembly, deputy, twice president of the Republic and leader of APRA, a historic party close to celebrating 100 years of founding.

This date is also an occasion to remember the work carried out by President García, because the figures for the period 2006-2011 show that we had the highest economic growth in the hemisphere, with an average of 7.2% and reaching a peak of 9.8% the year 2008.

The GDP went from US $80 billion in 2015 to US $175 billion in 2011 and the GDP per capita increased from US $2,900 to US $5,900 at the beginning and end of his administration.

The success of the management was reflected in the fact that 5 million compatriots had access to drinking water and sewerage or had this service 24 hours a day; that 10,600 towns – 3 million people – were electrified and that the State built or repaved 11,261 kilometers of roads.

2 million 400 thousand jobs were created; The population of the Comprehensive Health System (SIS) was doubled, those affiliated with social security went from 1 million 799 thousand to 2 million 698 thousand and childhood anemia was reduced from 57% to 41%.

To provide these services, the network was expanded with 47 hospitals (31 from MINSA and 16 from EsSalud), all equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment, and the Heart Institute (INCOR) and the Children's Hospital were two masterpieces.

In this context of productive policy, 59 large educational centers or emblematic schools were built and another 51 were put on track, providing school supplies and a million tablets to students of public institutions, in order to connect them with the revolutionary world of the Internet.

According to the INEI, poverty was reduced from 49.1% to 27.8%, a figure that means that six million compatriots left that condition of insolvency.

In the Grand National Theater, the Electric Train, the Stadium, in the hydroelectric plants of Olmos, Chavimochic and Chaglla, which incorporated thousands of hectares of uncultivated lands into agriculture; In short, in 152 thousand works registered in his period, one finds the heart and historical legacy of Alan García.

The Pacific Alliance was his initiative, as was denouncing Chile before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for the non-existence of an agreement on maritime boundaries, which allowed us to gain 50 thousand kilometers of ocean; And, along these lines, the APRA Government promoted 19 Free Trade Agreements with Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and China, which connected us with a market of three billion inhabitants.

That was the historical legacy of Alan García. And because of the splendid works that he launched, because he was a notable orator who laughed, sang, danced and recited poems, those who survive in the underworld of darkness, loaded with envy and evil, decided to destroy him.

The sad thing for those opaque lives is that they do not exist. They are anonymous. They walk through streets and squares and no one recognizes them, much less extends them a warm and brotherly hug. They are simply toxic smoke with a foul smell.

His greatest punishment has been that on this fifth anniversary of Alan's death, the APRA and non-APRA people have testified to their recognition and affection.

Alan, thus, defeated the muergans who detected him in life and has now defeated them after death.

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