The jug that Diaz Canel inherited breaks.

Pedro Corzo

By: Pedro Corzo - 25/03/2024

Guest columnist.
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Perhaps it is not tomorrow, but it is evident that the vase carried by the designated dictator Miguel Diaz Canel is broken and could break at any moment. The people are more than fed up with 65 years of oppression, and are becoming aware that they have the right to a better life.

The oppressed are fed up, and like genies in a bottle, their fury will make them break the narrow fence of totalitarianism and who knows what may happen to those who have sustained it for decades. Incidentally, the last two major protests in Cuba occurred on a Sunday, my wife noted, so, perhaps, totalitarianism will make a Sunday black for them and pristine for all of us who love freedom.

We must remember that this guy inherited power by not having a backbone. In a government of indignities he proved to be more of a lackey than Roberto Robaina or Felipe Pérez Roque, of whom Fidel Castro went so far as to say that he was the one who best interpreted his thoughts and yet he defenestrated him, which is why it is worth asking ourselves, to what extent did Miguel's submission go? who was left in charge of the barracks in which the Castro brothers converted Cuba.

Don Miguel does not hold power because of his courage or talent, which is why it is assumed that the historical ones, the Moncadistas, have their reservations when the situation turns red, a popular expression in Cuba when circumstances are getting complicated.

On the Island there is a precedent that should not be forgotten. On September 4, 1933, soldiers, students and teachers united to bring about the fall of the regime that replaced the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado and Morales. It is not out of place to hope that the military with the support of the population will put an end to so much ignominy and servitude.

This protest, in my opinion, is more relevant than the one on July 11. That glorious day, it was mostly young people who burst into the streets demanding freedom, the push of the youth, subjugated for too long, is more than expected, however, in this protest I evaluated that the age of the protesters was older, a symptom that It should deeply alarm the upper echelons of Castroism, because when parents assume the responsibility of taking risks, it is a very serious symptom of desperation.

We could all see and hear the claimants shout to four henchmen who climbed onto a rooftop while fleeing, that none of them had been chosen by the people. In another protest, I heard a group of compatriots sing a paragraph of the national anthem that cries, "Run to combat, Bayamese, do not fear a glorious death." On this occasion, I did not feel the submission to totalitarianism of other times, quite the opposite, I appreciated the will of that people to end oppression sooner rather than later.

It is indisputable that some Protestants participated out of exhaustion with the scarcity and misery that they have suffered for decades, but many more did so, just like on July 11, to claim their rights, demanding political change in everyone's country.

Saving the historical distance, it seems that the residents of the largest of the Antilles are preparing to take their Bastille, or rather, the Palace of the Revolution, and I do not say this out of simple enthusiasm, but because at least some of them perceive it that way, as It was observed when the henchman Humberto López Suarez repeated in the program granted to him by Castroism for his outstanding vileness, the same threats that Fidel Castro and his spokespersons have repeated since the disastrous January 1, 1959.

López continues to scare Cubans with the United States, despite the fact that there are many survivors on the island, the hardships are so great that only the most servile to totalitarianism live, like López himself, who are willing to abandon the revolution to come to live this country or any other.

Nobody believes the story that the restoration of democracy in Cuba is going to mean more poverty and misery for the population. Those who are protesting are below the level of misery, which will make those who have nothing more afraid.

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