The castrochavist staging in Bolivia was not a coup, it is replicated state-terrorism

Carlos Sánchez Berzaín

By: Carlos Sánchez Berzaín - 03/07/2024

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The events of Wednesday, 26th of June in Bolivia, broadcasted as a “coup d’etat,” have been quickly cleared as a staging that 21st Century Socialism -or Castrochavism- frequently conducts in countries it controls with its dictatorships. Charades with a high criminal content aimed at continuing to wield power, instilling fear in the population, and repeatedly used in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, that are now being presented with a script of an attempt to overthrow the government but that in reality is only a repetition of “State-terrorism” that cannot go unpunished.

In political strategy, the creation of political scenarios to gain advantage or highlight the adversary’s negative conditions, or to change, or to affirm an agenda, is text mapping that must, however, be crafted with respect to human rights, basic individual freedoms, and respect for the law within the framework of the “rule of law.” When any of these events are conducted violating the law, they are crime and when they are conducted from within and by the government with the objective of instilling fear in the population in order to generate behaviors that would otherwise not occur, then this is “State-terrorism.”

Twenty-first century socialism wields power in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua and uses State-terrorism as the government’s main tool. In our time, the use of this tool is one of the main contributions of last century’s Castroism to the expansion of the Cuban dictatorship. One of the most notorious cases of staging with State-terrorism to deceive the world of Cuban crimes was, without any doubt, the so-called “Number One Cause” of 1989 through which dictator Fidel Castro pretended to conceal his building of Cuba as the first narco-State of the Americas. In this case Castro prosecuted, tortured, and executed by firing squad General Arnaldo Ochoa, Colonel Antonio de la Guardia, Major Amado Padron, and Captain Jorge Martinez, people who he had personally ordered to establish a relationship with Pablo Escobar Gaviria from Colombia and Roberto Suarez from Bolivia.

There are a lot more farses they conducted in the second half of last century that were turned into “truths of the Cuban Revolution” in order to sustain the Castro’s criminal regime. What the objective reality now shows, however, is that such criminal matrix has been reproduced and replicated by 21st Century Socialism that, under the Command of Cuba has expanded its system and methodology in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua to subject the peoples and indefinitely wield power with impunity. Those condemned for crimes against the revolution, such as the victims of the “21-J” who on 11 July of 2021 took to the streets and asked for food and freedom, are living testimony.

In Venezuela they highlight -amongst other events- the so-called “slow death of General Raul Isaias Baduel” presented by the dictatorship as a victim of COVID-19 who was murdered as the regime’s political prisoner despite of being previously “recognized, honored, and rewarded as the strong man who rescued Hugo Chavez.” The assassination of Oscar Perez surrounded by more than 500 troops of the Venezuelan dictatorship at El Junquillo was a close-range extrajudicial execution presented by the dictatorship as “an armed clash” when the victims -as seen in public videos- had surrendered and had verbalized their desire to turn themselves in.

Nicaragua’s dictatorship has expelled the nuns from the order of “Mother Teresa” with the accusation of being “opposition members and coup plotters” and “over 200 organizations have been closed due to their alleged failure to comply with new funding laws.” They have seized and misappropriated “a high school belonging to the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Luisa de Marillac” and “have accused the catholic church of money laundering.” They have imprisoned all presidential candidates of the real opposition and after torturing them for over a year they have uprooted and expelled them and have divested them of their citizenship. All of these with the presentation of the regime as a victim.

In Bolivia, the dictatorial farse is not new as it was applied to impose the dictatorship with its Plurinational Constitution and to supplant the Republic of Bolivia, accusing defenders of democracy from the city of Santa Cruz of being secessionists to then assassinate some, subject some to prison and exile some, as certified by the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights in its report on “the massacre at the Las Americas Hotel” from which the “Terrorism Case” originated and through which the victims were jailed and the Cuban and Venezuelan armed terrorist perpetrators under the protection of Evo Morales got off scot-free. The farse was also replicated in the aftermath of the massacre at “El Porvenir” in the Department of Pando, with the imprisonment of Governor Leopoldo Fernandez who was a political prisoner for over 12 years and was accused of “rebellion”, similar to the current imprisonment and sentencing of former President Jeanine Añez accused of a “coup d’etat” when in reality she is the victim, or in the case of the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho.

In this context, as the Bolivian people denounce it and Evo Morales, the boss of Luis Arce confesses it, the so-called coup to topple Arce was not a coup at all, but merely a new Castrochavist staging to instill life into a dictatorship in a crisis. The bottom line is that some international press continues providing coverage as though a real event happened and democratic governments stay silent instead of condemning “State-terrorism” that now is emboldened to continue persecuting, imprisoning and torturing Bolivians to increase the number of the existing 300 political prisoners.

*Attorney & Political Scientist. Director del Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Translation from Spanish by Edgar L. Terrazas

Published in Spanish by Sunday June 30, 2024

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