Putin, conservative on the inside, progressive on the outside

Hugo Marcelo Balderrama

By: Hugo Marcelo Balderrama - 07/07/2024

Guest columnist.
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LGBT pride month is over. A movement that went from being a demand for respect for their rights to an ideological imposition. Many voices were raised against it, including mine. But they do not do it because of "homophobia" and "intolerance", but because of the manipulation of those flags by the new left. Basically, they became the fetish of politicians who want to continue sucking at the State's breasts and cutting off freedoms.

Perhaps that is why conservatives in the United States and Latin America welcome the fact that the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, is a declared opponent of the rainbow movement and feminism. Many even came to consider him a kind of champion against progressivism. However, as the old saying goes: "All that glitters is not gold." Let's see.

Putin has strict laws against homosexuality and feminism, for example, Russia's Supreme Court declared the LGBT movement to be a terrorist organization. Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice prohibited any of their activities. Nothing new, since communism was, is, and will be the greatest enemy of individual freedoms and life itself.

However, The Progressive International, CLACSO and the Latin American left, who act as the main promoters of the entire LGBT issue in the West, are openly defenders of Putin, even considering the invasion of Ukraine legitimate.

For his part, Putin has no problem consolidating his alliances with Western progressivism. For example, in the last months of 2023, the main streets of Mexico were invaded by the green of RT (Russia Today). Even the city's state television company filled public transportation with RT programming. "While you wait for the metrobus, you can watch the news," the director of the RT program in Spanish, Margarita Simonián, said happily. This entire massive wave of propaganda was possible thanks to the support of Claudia Sheinbaum, president-elect of Mexico and member of the Feminist International.

Likewise, the relationship between the Russian dictatorship and Latin American progressivism extends to cultural spheres. In this field, CLACSO plays a fundamental role in the construction of pro-Kremlin stories, a kind of reheating of the Cold War.

Atilio Borón, former CLACSO executive, is one of the interpreters of Russian geopolitical melodies in the region. However, the institution he directed is one of the main creators of pro-LGTB narratives in the West, even using words in inclusive language. To cite one case, Saberes LGTBI+, is a document published by CLACSO in 2019, in its introduction it says verbatim:

What future exists for LGBTI+ studies in Central America? The future is bright and always heterogeneous. If we think about the path we have traveled since the 80s, where we begin to see paths, ideas, productions in relation to these topics, today we have many more possibilities. In addition, there is an intergenerational dialogue that enables research growth. In addition to this, a generation of young and not so young researchers have continued the legacy inherited by others.

Paradoxically, while CLACSO talks about a bright future for the LGBT movement in Central America, they have no qualms about supporting those who condemn that same group in Russia.

Ignorance? No. Something much worse, a total lack of scruples, since Russia and its allies have always had the ability to camouflage themselves in any cause. They can go from shooting homosexuals, Cuba, the most notorious case, to parading with rainbow flags. They can stop being atheists and become defenders of Islam. Or they can be like Putin, conservative on the inside, but progressive on the outside.

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