Progress, Cubans and Israel

Pedro Corzo

By: Pedro Corzo - 12/11/2023

Guest columnist.
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While the totalitarian regime that has reigned in Cuba for 65 years, minus two months, has enjoyed almost always favorable public opinion, the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, continues to be the target of many of the same people who defend the Castroism.

The Cuban democrats, like the Israelis, are, in the mentality of these individuals and organizations, targets to be destroyed; however, they represent just causes that have never had the international support necessary to achieve the objectives that encourage them.

Their enemies, those who consider themselves progressive, liberal and left-wing, do not care that the Jewish nation is a promoter of democracy and the rule of law, they simply share with the Nazis the hatred of a people that defends civil liberties and religious, in areas where the norm is between absolutism and military dictatorship.

They prefer to ignore that Israel is a free geographical and cultural space, in an area where authority is founded or organized, in barracks-churches, therefore, without being a perfect state, it should be an example for those who defend, without hypocrisy, the freedoms and rights. The Israeli state is concrete evidence of material progress and well-being for those who reside in its territory.

However, it is a country that suffers permanent harassment from its neighbors. It has been subjected to true international isolation and frequent war conflicts, with the aim of eliminating it as a nation, as advocated among others by the theocratic state of Iran.

The terrorist actions against them, such as those on October 7, are a brutal reflection of the hatred that the serial killer Ernesto “Che” Guevara advocated, in his writing, “the intransigent hatred of the enemy, which drives beyond the limitations nature of the human being and turns him into an effective, violent, selective and cold killing machine”, could have inspired the executioners of the “Tribe of Nova” festival.

The complicity with Guevara is not exceptional. It shows the frivolity and moral duplicity that reign in some international organizations, non-governmental organizations and famous universities that present themselves as standard-bearers of Justice, however, they have placed themselves at the service of the worst causes.

Guevara defended violence out of conviction. He used it in concentration camps for homosexuals in Cuba. There are hundreds of testimonies about the murders that he ordered, however, this did not prevent the UNESCO Memory of the World Program, in all its categories, from accrediting and rewarding his work, amen, of which Guevara and Fidel Castro were proud. of their private cemeteries, but because to say in the United Nations, 1964, "We have shot, we shot and we will continue to shoot as long as it is necessary."

These actions are incomprehensible and force us to unearth the moment when Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, 1974, spoke at the United Nations with a gun on the table in front of which he was.

Ideological commitments lead to omitting or changing facts. When the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet died. The headline of the newspaper “El País” said, “Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet dies,” however, when the Cuban autocrat died they headlined, “Fidel Castro, the last revolutionary, dies,” as if he had not been another dictator with a horrendous record. criminal.

I do not dispute the justice of the Palestinian cause, but the beheading of children and the indiscriminate murder should not be protected or silenced, as some sectors claim. Nor should persecutions based on race or religion be justified, as the enemies of the Jews are doing in numerous parts of the world. These are acts repudiated by the United Nations itself and severely punished.

Cuban totalitarianism also inspires this progress to distort the facts. On the Island, citizens' rights are systematically violated, those who profess ideas contrary to the official proposal are imprisoned, total censorship is practiced on the media and bloody events occur such as those of the unforgettable Tugboat March 13, dozens of deaths, among them children; However, his allies present Castro's totalitarianism as a victim of the United States and exile.

They talk about a blockade, an embargo, in reality, that has more holes than a Gruyere cheese, without alluding to the vileness of the rulers and the true blockade of Castroism.

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