My 65 years in exile

Guido Añez Moscoso

By: Guido Añez Moscoso - 05/02/2024

Guest columnist.
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When you are certain that what you have left to live is less in time than what you have already lived, you see the world in a different way.

I have more yesterdays than tomorrows and I consider myself a rich man, not to enter the FORBES list, but I feel this way because I have an exceptional, loving, united and successful family, very good friends, who are like brothers, we talk almost daily, even if it is to lie to each other but we are attentive to each other, great companions of dreams and people who have trusted me.

Exile helps you to see and know who was a friend of power and who is really your friend and companion and in this area, I am still rich.

I always write about politics, about the situation in Bolivia, about my town where I was born, that Santa Cruz that I love so much, today my reflection is personal, despite having two exiles, one due to the narco dictatorship of Garcia Mesa in Paraguay where I graduated as a professional from the Catholic University and where I left many dear friends that I still have and the second that I continue to endure due to the other narco dictatorship of Evo Morales and Lucho Arce, in total I have been living in exile for 17 years, and I continue to believe in my country, and above all in my region.

Many friends ask me: Are you going to return to Bolivia when we regain democracy? My answer is YES, I will return and since there is no retired politician I will continue doing politics, we all have a reason to live, I embrace the cause of freedom, justice, democracy as the causes for which I go

to fight all my life, many of my companions have given their lives for that cause, men with whom I maintained a friendship and the same ideal.

I feel that I can still contribute to the development and reconstruction of my country; post-Massism will require the participation of all Bolivians in good faith.

I thought about it a lot before writing these short lines, I don't do it to be congratulated and fill my ego, but because I feel mature, wanting to move forward, to share with the people I love, I have become intolerant of fakers , vain and arrogant, I do not share with those people, I value more and more simple people, sincere, of word, who honor their commitments, who value kindness above all, that is why sometimes loneliness is a good companion, that loneliness accompanied by your pets, by a soccer game, by a good book that accompanies you, a trip over land without direction but with a compass, a relaxed chat with my friends, those are the things that I enjoy and that I will enjoy for the rest of my days.

It is beautiful to reach this age and feel full, happy, fulfilled and wanting to give more.

Thank you for being part of this my journey through life, let's continue enjoying it, it is beautiful if we know how to live it.

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