Milei's true enemies

Beatrice E. Rangel

By: Beatrice E. Rangel - 07/02/2024

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The Argentine people decided to select as helmsman a person foreign to the political system that has prevailed for a century. And in the same way as the immune system reacts against the presence of foreign bodies in the body, the vested interests of the Argentine pre-capitalist system are rejecting the presence of the new leader.

Many believe that these interests will end up distorting the path of economic and political liberation proposed by President Javier Milei. And the images of violent groups destroying the doors of parliament and its surroundings seem to give credibility to this thesis. However, I consider that it is necessary to analyze the origins of the Argentine protests to identify the enemy fronts and determine if they actually have the power to lead Milei's agenda to failure. In my opinion, only an actor can achieve this goal.

The first group of enemies is diverse and is made up of all those who we can call professional politicians. They are men and women who have lived their entire lives off the public treasury and when their allowance is suspended they will react violently because they are not people who can be recycled into the private sector of the economy. They lack operational know-how to execute tasks, develop projects or lead production teams. This group will supply the armies of violent protests; the distribution of slander and slander on social networks and the damage to public facilities. However, it is a group without consistency or capacity for continuity. Because he sells his services to the highest bidder and when the money disappears with it goes the combative spirit. This includes piqueteros and bravas. And the capacity to finance these groups by traditional Argentine politics is in precipitous decline.

The second is represented by “local” businessmen. These are industry leaders who have no idea how the world works and are not very interested in learning because in Argentina they have a reserve to make wealth and prosper. They are those who see competition as the source of destruction and free trade as a death sentence. This group is solid since its members share interests, there is coordination within the group and political power has penetrated. This group will be the gatekeeper of economic reforms. But it can be controlled through support for new generations of entrepreneurs who not only have global thinking but whose ventures have been tested in foreign markets. The latter would be the lifeblood of the new economy.

And then there are the media whose attitude towards change can be lethal or beneficial. It will be lethal to the extent that the shift in economic policy has a negative impact. their non-media businesses Therefore, when each measure is adopted, it is necessary to calibrate what its impact will be on the media businesses in order to be prepared for their reaction. And if it were irrationally negative, we would have to practice “balconies” to talk directly with the people who elected him.

Regarding the unholy alliance of the nations of socialism of the 21st century, against the regime of Javier Milei, I do not believe that they play a determining role. Firstly, because when Venezuela becomes bankrupt, they lack the resources to mobilize as they did in November 2005 to boo President George W Bush in the context of the Summit of the Americas. If they have the capacity to synchronize with local violent groups and with transnational organized crime. This brings us to the heart of the problem. Because transnational organized crime does have the resources to destabilize nations.

The only factor with the capacity to destabilize states today is transnational organized crime. And this is the true Gordian knot that must be resolved by Milei. A firm policy against crime that gives Argentines the freedom to enjoy their paths, visit their parks and share a coffee with friends along the country's wide avenues will mobilize the entire citizenry in favor of the new president. And to the extent that economic balances are recovered and the situation is no longer pressing, citizens will turn to freedom. And as Bolivar once said “when a people decides to be free they end up being free.”

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