Indigenism for dummies

Hugo Marcelo Balderrama

By: Hugo Marcelo Balderrama - 11/02/2024

Guest columnist.
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By chance of life, my book: Bolivia: from the 2003 coup to the dictatorship/narco-state, came into the hands of Elizabeth Paravicini, one of the most recognized journalists from my native Bolivia. But having her read it was not the most flattering thing, but receiving a message with the words: "I loved your book, we need to have coffee to chat more."

In the middle of the discussion, which lasted more than four hours, she told me that several lines of my investigation had hit her hard. For example, the association between Gabriel García Márquez and Pablo Escobar, or the fact that several sacred cows of Bolivian journalism, including Amalia Pando, have been portrayed as useful fools of Castro-Chavismo.

However, in the end he recognized that his generation, which was over 60 years old, was deceived by the entire discourse of Socialism, the Cuban Revolution, the figure of Ernesto Guevara's serial killer, El Che, and the utopias of equality and paradise. of the USSR. The conclusion of the talk was: "They saw our stupid faces."

Why this long introduction?

Because it was very naive to think that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the USSR in 1991 had completely ended the sinister episode opened by Lenin, Stalin and other bandits in 1917, since, precisely, it is Paravicini's generation that During the 90s and early 21st century she was active, in fact, at her best, in teaching, politics and journalism. Therefore, it was very easy for the left to introduce its new revolutionary banners into public opinion.

Were there no voices that raised the alarm about what was coming?

Yeah. Even as early as 1971, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira warned that indigenismo was going to be the new revolutionary fetish that the Latin American left would use to attack private property, democracy and market freedom, the very foundations of progress and civilized coexistence. Unfortunately, as often happens with men ahead of his time, he was ridiculed and censured, even by a sector of the Catholic Church, which he loved so much.

Bourgeois morality (linked to Catholic tradition) was the first target of attack, since it is associated with colonization and genocide of indigenous people. Both falsehoods, since Spain never had colonies, but rather viceroyalties.

A viceroyalty is a territorial entity relatively distant from the central court and governed by a viceroy. The figure of the viceroy, as his name indicates, was the alter ego of the king in a territory of a monarchy. The great distance and difficulty of communications between the Iberian Peninsula and its overseas possessions gave rise to the creation of viceroyalties with their viceroys, courts and royal audiences that recreated the institutions of Spain to speed up decision-making and administer justice, because The natives were considered subjects of the Catholic kings.

Regarding the supposed genocide of indigenous people, we only have to look at the genetic composition of modern Hispanic Americans: all of us, absolutely, all of us, are a product of the miscegenation that Spain promoted. Furthermore, the Franciscans were pioneers in the development of grammars and catechisms in the Nahuatl, Otomi and Purépecha languages ​​of the central Mexican highlands, as well as in the languages ​​of the Mayan family, of Yucatan and Guatemala. The Dominicans, for their part, published the first grammars of the Zapotec and Mixtec languages ​​of the Oaxaca region, while the Jesuits dedicated themselves to the study of the languages ​​of the Southern Cone of America, including Quechua, Aymara and Guaraní. . So why bother learning the language of people you wanted to exterminate?

But the socialist militant does not care about historical data, because indigenism is not a theory to be discussed and debated, but rather a pretext to raid properties, burn homes and murder people. A cover for crime. For example, Álvaro García Linera, in one of his many indigenous pamphlets, justified the subversives burning, attacking properties and terrorizing the population during the 2003 coup d'état.

Right now, while Bolivia sinks into misery as a result of the dispute between Arce Catacora and Evo Morales, Qananchiri – as García Linera is also known – is organizing a series of gang movements and groups in Paraguay. In fact, in January 2023, Johanna Paola Ortega Ghiringhelli, leader of the País Solidario party, used her social networks to announce her closeness to García Linera.

But Qananchiri was not the only gang member who participated in that meeting. The images show the presence of several Peruvian women with a history of sedition, including Verónika Mendoza and Sigrid Bazán, as well as people from Grabois and Rafael Correa. Considering that 2024 is an electoral year in several countries in the region, but, in particular, in Paraguay, it is obvious that this is a meeting of the senior staff of transnational crime to plan the terrorist actions that they will use to weaken the governments that do not be of their line, as they are already doing with the management of Javier Milei in Argentina.

Let history not repeat itself! May the truth prevail! Long live freedom!

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