Cross death to chavismo

Luis Gonzales Posada

By: Luis Gonzales Posada - 20/05/2023

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From the first day of his term, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, a businessman, banker, and member of Opus Dei, was in the line of sight of the powerful and wealthy bloc of 21st century socialism, which tried to oust him at any price to defeat his candidate, Andrés Arauz, former Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent in the government of Rafael Correa.

In the first round of the elections, Arauz obtained 3 million 33 thousand votes and Lasso 1 million 830 thousand, a wide difference of 1 million 230 thousand votes (13% advantage) that projected him as a safe occupant of the Carondelet Palace.

The Puebla Group (GP) could not hide its joy and published an emotional statement in which it congratulated "the extraordinary work of Arauz and his campaign team, who, bypassing all kinds of obstacles and legal and political threats, obtained significant support for the progressive project inspired by the citizen revolution of former President Rafael Correa, which must continue."

Said organization (GP) brings together presidents or ex-presidents of the region: Lula and Dilma Rousseff from Brazil; Rafael Correa from Ecuador; Evo Morales and Luis Arce from Bolivia; Gustavo Petro and Ernesto Samper from Colombia; Jorge Rodríguez, Vice President of Venezuela; Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner from Argentina; Jose Mujica from Uruguay; Fernando Lugo from Paraguay.

They are also part of the GP Maximiliano Reyes, Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean of Mexico, a trusted person of López Obrador; Aída García Naranjo and Verónika Mendoza from Peru, and the former president of the Government of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, salaried halberdier of the dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Given the initial results, Evo Morales celebrated in style. "We have already won," he said, adding the grudge that some sectors did not recognize "the indigenous vote, inciting hatred and contempt."

Then he organized a demonstration to receive Arauz, a rally where he stressed that the revolutionary, anti-imperialist and anti-American left had triumphed.

However, against all odds, in the second electoral round Lasso obtained 4 million 656 thousand votes and Arauz, 4 million 236 thousand, a difference of 400 thousand votes in favor of the first. The GP decided to take revenge against whoever had humiliated them politically, launching a perfidious demolition campaign, full of insults and slander.

Parliament, with a correista majority, summoned Lasso's ministers more than 300 times, requested 1,400 requests for information and activated 14 political trials to destabilize the cabinet.

The cruelty, the cruelty, the malice against an honest head of state reached levels of infamy by trying to remove him accusing him of embezzlement for a contract signed by his predecessor, Lenin Moreno, an absurdity that projects the anethical conduct of the vacators.

Previously, they had failed in this tracalera maneuver when they wanted to remove him for not fulfilling his campaign promises.

Now, once again, Lasso has defeated the GP by appealing to article 148 of the Constitution that allows, in the face of a serious crisis, to dissolve the Assembly so that the Election Jury can call new presidential and parliamentary elections, within an estimated period of four months, a period of time that the president will govern through legislative decrees, supervised by the Constitutional Court.

Lasso has already started work approving a tax reform that increases the amount of annual deductible expenses up to 15,294 dollars for the benefit of 341,000 taxpayers who will save an average of 558 dollars in their income tax payment.

Likewise, he signed a Law to Strengthen the Family Economy that benefits 460,000 households in poverty with 200 million dollars, at the same time that he will continue the battle against drug trafficking, recalling that in his year and 11 months of management, the police seized 450 tons of cocaine, twice as much as in previous administrations.

However, the GP's offensive will intensify and, to do so, they have huge capital and experts in all areas.

The Chavista block is irreducible in defense of its political panaca.

Pedro Castillo is still recognized as the legitimate president, despite the fact that he attempted a coup and is involved in numerous corruption cases. His successor, by constitutional mandate, Mrs. Dina Boluarte, is viciously attacked and branded as a usurper. Sectarianism has led them to the insane extreme of refusing to hand over to Peru the pro tempore secretary of the Pacific Alliance, affecting the most successful hemispheric integration agreement.

With these antecedents, we have no doubt that the rulers of the 21st century socialist will wage a fierce battle against the Ecuadorian president.

Published in Spanish by Saturday May 20, 2023

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