Guillermo Lousteau Heguy

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Guillermo Lousteau Heguy is an Argentine academic, educated at the Guillermo Brown Military Naval High School. He is a lawyer and has a PhD in Law from the University of Buenos Aires and a degree in Philosophy from the same University.

He has developed activities in the business (Tourism) and political fields. Director of Austral Líneas Aéreas. President of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism and the Argentine-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce. General Secretary of Worship, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic (1961/62) and Secretary of Tourism (1981/82).

He specializes in Latin America, and in Philosophy and Political Theory. Columnist for Diario Las Américas, from Miami; and has published numerous articles in academic journals and newspapers such as the Miami Herald of Miami, United States of America; La Nación and Clarín, from Buenos Aires.