“De-Facto” is a regime “actually imposed by force and lacking legitimacy”.


The criminal finagling to install and perpetuate dictatorships alleging to be democracies happened in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, in Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega, in Ecuador with Rafael Correa, and in Bolivia with Evo Morales. Now, using the same model’s template, the regime’s Plurinational Tribunal using the fallacious ruling that “indefinite reelection is a human right” abides by the Castroist-Chavist transnational agenda to consolidate and sustain Evo Morales’ de-facto regime in Bolivia.

“De-Facto” is a regime “actually imposed by force and lacking legitimacy”. Establishing 21st century dictatorships with chieftains and indefinite impunity is a criminal agenda that pursues access to power with populist falsehoods, electoral manipulation, destruction of political parties, supplanting the Constitution and the legal system, controlling all branches of the government, destroying the government’s institutionalism, persecuting, imprisoning and exiling political opponents through the misuse of the judicial system, manipulating justice, professing Castroist and antiimperialist dogma, implanting a system of fear with rewards and punishment, eliminating freedom of the press, assassinating opponents’ reputation, practicing state’s affairs with unlimited corruption, trafficking in narcotics with links and support to terrorism, with oppression, crises, and de-facto governments of organized crime.

It is a methodology based on a permanent and progressive lie, on sustained deception, and on the commission of all types of needed crime with guaranteed impunity by the indefinite continuance in power.   It is the improved version -with a façade of democracy- of Cuba’s Castroist dictatorship that has continued in power for the past 60 years. It is the succession of crimes that range from their simulation to be the victims and defenders of human rights to the physical and/or political elimination of opponents destroying politics in order to have a deceived, tamed, simulated, subjugated, false or inexistent opposition.

What is happening now in Bolivia to allow Evo Morales to be a candidate in 2019 and through fraudulent elections and electoral fraud for him to remain in power, has already happened in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez who lost a referendum through which Venezuelans said NO to his indefinite reelection but Chavez manipulated the system and stayed in power until his death on 5 March of 2013. This also has already happened in Ecuador with Correa in 2015 when the regime’s Legislative Assembly approved the indefinite reelection although prohibited by Correa’s own Constitution, and it happened in Nicaragua with Ortega in January of 2014 when through judicial and legislative wangling the Constitution was changed to allow the indefinite reelection.   All of these were criminal acts that shattered democracy.

In Bolivia, Evo Morales pursuing the toppling agenda of 2003 dubbed as “October’s Agenda” supplanted the Law of Need for Constitutional Reform introducing, as in counterfeiting, “the Constituent Assembly”, totally changing the text of Article 232 and thus enabling -through Law 2631- for the crimes of falsehood, high treason, and others to be committed, with the repetitive wrecking of democracy. Afterwards, Evo Morales imposed through the spillage of blood, under fire, and with bribery his Plurinational Constitution in 2009 with the ensuing massacres of Cochabamba, Porvenir in Pando, Las Americas Hotel in Santa Cruz, la Calancha in Sucre, and others. He misrepresented the empowerment “to interpret the Constitution” by Law 3941 in order to draft a constitution befitting the Castroist-Chavist mold, thus doing away with the Republic of Bolivia, and getting that moment’s opposition to proclaim that this would be a Constitution for “national unity” deceiving them, and convincing them that he would be consecutively reelected only once, breaking -once again- democracy through fraud in the included referendum.   And he was immediately reelected in 2009.

In 2014, by his own Constitution, Evo Morales could no longer run but a ruling from the Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal enabled him to do so with the fallacious argument that his first election in 2005 had been in the now “non-existent Republic of Bolivia” and since there now was a new Plurinational State founded in 2009, the 2014 election would be considered the first for Evo Morales. The desperate opposition revealed the existence of a “secret document” an agreement of Morales with the opposition -with the guarantee and backing of Insulza’s Organization of American States (OAS)- through which Morales expressly agreed not to run in 2014. The document’s revelation was only useful in the silencing and subsequent removal of Insulza’s deputy at the OAS. Democracy died yet again.

Following his third consecutive election in 2014, Evo Morales led in efforts to have a referendum election in order to perpetuate himself in power and Bolivia said a resounding NO on 21 February of 2016. The Castroist-Chavist agenda, however, does not change and with the fallacious argument to be “his human right to be indefinitely a candidate” has just recently produced a “despicable ruling” by his Constitutional Tribunal, the same institution that enabled him to run in 2014, and that covers all the state’s crimes by declaring them to be constitutional, crimes such as; political persecutions, fallacious trials, the retroactive nature of the regime’s despicable laws, corruption, the increase of coca cultivation areas for narcotics trafficking, and others.

They killed democracy in Bolivia with the toppling of 2003, with the Law of Need for Constitutional Reform of 2004, with the Constituent Assembly of 2008, with the Plurinational State’s Constitution of 2009, with the prohibited reelection of Evo Morales in 2014, and now -for the fifth time- with the recent “despicable ruling” of 2017.   It is crystal clear that the regime who is in power in Bolivia is DE-FACTO and that Evo Morales is a DICTATOR, but the agenda continues and now Bolivians will be taken to elections in 2019 falsely led to believe that Morales could lose, that the opposition could unite, that these may be fair and clean elections, that a dictatorship could be removed through the ballot box. Castroist-Chavist wangling in Bolivia is only but a few chapters behind that of Venezuela, but with the same objective; to consolidate and perpetuate dictatorships in countries intervened.

Published in Spanish by Diario las Américas on Sunday December 3rd, 2017

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