Invites you to the book presentation:

“Angola la guerra innecesaria”

Angola- La guerra innecesaria (Carlos E. Pedre) 08-30-2017Carlos E. Pedre Pentón

1. Presentación del libro por Carlos Alberto Montaner
2. Palabras del autor: Carlos E. Pedre Pentón
3. Firma de libros.
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 30th, 2017 at 6:00PM
Interamerican Institute for Democracy
(Presentation will be in Spanish) 
“Angola, la guerra innecesaria” is a valuable book for three reasons: it catches the interest of the reader from the first page; It is well written and has a central fragment of Cuban contemporary history. I am referring to those African wars so desired by Fidel Castro and rejected by most Cubans, including the author of the book, a Cuban engineer who one night in 1975 was taken out of his house and a few days later he woke up in Angola as a combatant in an alien and distant war designed by a man who believed in Napoleon and, no doubt, whenever he could, he behaved like the Corsican. Carlos Alberto Montaner.