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The New Russian Empire

Today while Russia could not effectively compete in the military and political dimension with either the US or China, it can certainly look at them at the eye in cyber space. Cyber power includes computer network exploitation (CNE) or the ability to use IT ( information technologies) to spy on another nation’s information technologies.

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Trump Administration Has Taken Important Steps on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua But Must Upgrade Sanctions

The Cuban model is a stubborn system that conducts brutal repression, and does not care about legitimacy or the well-being of civil society. The regime seeks to stay in power at any price. This model endangers regional democracy as it uses elections to thereafter transform the country into a dictatorship. This has taken place in Venezuela and in Nicaragua and very well could happen again elsewhere in the region. What the Trump Administration is doing has tremendous importance and it would be highly significant and meaningful if the international community were to join these efforts now.

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Elections where human rights and basic individual freedoms are violated, with politically persecuted, imprisoned, or exiled, where there is no freedom of the press, where voters’ registration and information are manipulated wherein there is no “Rule of Law” and the “separation and independence of the branches of government” is inexistent. These are not elections, it is fraud, it is organized crime in action.

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¿Cómo y cuándo terminará el experimento cubano de Fidel Alejandro Magno?

La Cuba de los Castro es el origen de todos los desórdenes políticos de América Latina y así había sido desde 1959. Su modelo era el enérgico macedonio que construyó muy rápidamente uno de los mayores imperios de la historia. No creo que falte mucho tiempo antes de que el sistema y el gobierno comiencen a desmoronarse. Tal vez tendrán que desaparecer Raúl Castro y la generación del Moncada. Ya todos andan cerca de los noventa años. De manera que, al menos para la oposición, "la luta continua".

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Paradoxically, as president, he advocated among his Latin American colleagues for the establishment of hemispheric caucus that would promote growth and act as crises muffler. The presence of the Group 20 in Latin America in a way was a tribute to the most strategic mind to live at the White House since president Jefferson.

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La abstención frente a la simulación electoral de las dictaduras

La celebración de "elecciones periódicas, libres, justas y basadas en el sufragio universal y secreto como expresión de la soberanía del Pueblo" es elemento esencial de la Democracia, que solo es posible si concurre con el "respeto a los derechos humanos y libertades fundamentales", el "estado de derecho", un "régimen plural de partidos y organizaciones políticas", y la "separación e independencia de los poderes públicos".

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