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Latin America and the Myth of the Lost Cause

The “Lost Cause” is an ideological movement that romanticizes the Confederate cause as a heroic fight against great odds. The Lost Cause ideology seeks to highlight the alleged virtues of the antebellum South; it portrays the Civil War as an honorable struggle in defense of the Southern way of life.

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The Young, and Capitalism as an Attitude

My interest here is to describe capitalism as an attitude. That is, as a mental state connecting a person to a proposition. One easy conclusion would be to echo the judgement attributed to Winston Churchill that: “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain.” Today’s youth rejects capitalism without a clear idea of what should replace it. These young protesters are capitalists; they just do not know it yet.

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Youth and capitalism as an attitude

My interest here is to describe capitalism as an attitude. That is to say, as a mental state connecting a person to a proposition. An easy conclusion would be to repeat the criterion attributed to Winston Churchill that "if a man is not a socialist at the age of 20, he has no heart. If he's not conservative at 40, he has no brains. " Today's young people reject capitalism without a clear idea of what should replace it. These young people who protest are capitalists: although they do not know it yet.

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Venezuela: ahora o nunca

El destino de Venezuela probablemente está en las manos de Juan Guaidó, un joven diputado de 35 años, Le tocó la presidencia de la Asamblea Nacional, que es algo así como sacarse el tigre en una rifa. Se ha convertido, de facto, en el presidente interino del país ante la ilegitimidad total de Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela, pues, tiene dos presidentes. Uno legítimo y constitucional, que es Juan Guaidó, y el otro absolutamente fraudulento: Nicolás Maduro.

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From Humpty Dumpty to the wall

Mr Maduro of Venezuela decided to emulate a character of 17th century English nursery rhymes and placed himself on a wall high above the rest of his people and the world. Mr Maduro clearly thinks that Venezuela can survive in autarky, as he seems not to care about increasing US sanctions against him

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La conformación efectiva del Gobierno de Transición en Venezuela

El diputado Juan Guaidó es el Presidente Transitorio de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela. La primera y acertada medida del Presidente Guaidó ha sido convocar "al pueblo de Venezuela, a las Fuerzas Armadas y a la comunidad internacional para lograr la conformación efectiva del gobierno de transición". No se puede dejar solo y expuesto al Presidente Transitorio de Venezuela y el tiempo apremia. Hay que contribuir a la "conformación efectiva del gobierno de transición"

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El Emperador está verdaderamento desnudo

"In seeking for yet another term, Mr. Morales was violating a basic tenet of the Tacanas, power sharing. He was also pushing for oil and gas extraction in protected areas and proposing hydroelectric dams that would displace native communities.” Mr Morales fails to represent the Tacanas vision of governance and leadership. “We don’t consider him indigenous her. He has turned his back on us.”

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No se recupera la democracia sin una identificación cierta del enemigo

La democracia de las Américas está frente a un grupo estructurado de delincuencia organizada trasnacional, un enemigo que busca aliados globales en el crimen y el terrorismo para sostenerse. No se puede continuar tratando a la dictadura de Cuba al margen de lo que sucede en y con las dictaduras de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Bolivia, y viceversa, Quien se equivoque en la identificación del enemigo será derrotado.

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By organized criminal group, it shall be understood to be a structured group of three or more persons that exists during a certain time and deliberately acts for the purpose of committing one or more serious crimes, or those crimes listed under this present convention, with the intent to gain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other benefit or material gain”.

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On Political Transitions

2018 ends with Latin America trapped between hope and despair. Hope is nurtured by the change of guard in Brazil which seems to be biased in favor of freedom. Another source of hope is the fragmentation process that is beginning to affect the Cuban Gerontocratic leadership.

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