Liberty, democracy, and institutionalism are fundamental to the wellbeing of citizens.

The IID’s mission is to spread the values of liberty, democracy, and institutionalism in the Americas through debate, academic studies of a cultural and socio-political nature, and projects at the local level aimed at promoting these values.

  • To undertake projects that foster and strengthen the values of freedom, democracy and institutionalism
    To study the relations between Latin America and the United States and propose strategies for improving the ties and understanding between the two regions
  • To conduct academic studies aimed at looking at the progress and/or decline of freedom, democracy and institutionalism in the various countries of the continent
  • To provide information on the socio-political situation of Latin American countries through our webpage, as well as our newsletter
  • To publish books, papers and articles relating to the Latin American reality vis-à-vis the values of freedom, democracy and institutionalism
  • To organize and participate in seminars, conferences and other events to disseminate the IID’s mission
    To promote studies and discussion pertaining to participation, transparency, integrity and civic participation, among other topics, inasmuch as these are the building blocks of democracy