The anti-capitalist Evo Morales begging for investment




The need to maintain the appearance of his so much advertised – and as much false, economic success - took Evo Morales to carry out one their most notable acts of deception and inconsistency when ordering to prepare and lead the so-called "Investing in the New Bolivia Summit", put in scene on 26 October by the Financial Times Live (FTL) in New York.

The coca grower leader, ruler within the socialism of the 21st century, confessed and vociferous anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist, permanent critic of private property, statist and total power despot, a dictator who uses the Judicial system as a mechanism of political repression, is who now assumed the role of "promoting national and foreign investment, offering attractive opportunities to investors..." from the hand of a so important and expensive device of capitalist promotion. How severe would be the reality of Bolivia's economy and the crisis that comes, that the Castrist dictator Evo Morales is begging for investments.

Not a month has elapsed since that in the city of New York, Evo Morales before the UN General Assembly stated that "capitalism is a failed and a model without future"; less than two weeks ago, in Tiquipaya City, he said that "capitalism is the cancer of mother earth". At the same time mounted a costly show in capitalism’s world center, looking for imperialism’s "entrepreneurs" asking for money, invest, "capitalize", for the provision of funds that would allow him to stay in power indefinitely.

The head of the multinational State, during the previous event propaganda widely diffused in the website of the organizers and during an extensive campaign, has offered "natural resources — including hydrocarbons, minerals and lithium, which make up the central pillar of the economy of Bolivia...".  Evo Morales has put on a showcase of international sale, natural resources that he says defend, with claims that he has nationalized, and which served him as emblem to overthrow – by means of conspiracy, sedition, and massacres – a constitutional President in October 2003. Will he continue with his speech "homeland seller" without looking in the mirror?

The October 26 event in New York has tried to present a country and a situation markedly different from the real Bolivia today. He offered a guarantee of legal certainty when Evo Morales, in the Castro model (same as in Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua) has finished with all the institutions and the independence of administration. In the multinational State of Evo Morales there is no Central Bank neither body independent of his power; superintendence and regulators are mere political control offices.

Legal regulations are made and changed to the convenience of the Government who manipulate them in a subordinated Parliament.  The judicial system is only a dictator's political dependent as have been confessed, denounced and proved --just three days before the New York show – by the same judges appointed by Evo - Gualberto Cusi and Ligia Velasquez - before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC.

Specific background exists of how Evo Morales and his Government treat entrepreneurs and investors in Bolivia. It was reminded by two victims at the "Investing in the New Bolivia Summit", where the American investor Jacob Östreicher and the Bolivian businessman Humberto Roca claimed to Evo Morales his confiscations, false accusations, corruption, persecution and violation of their human rights and of their private property.

Östreicher, who invested in Bolivia, was accused, and imprisoned for 18 months, not even requests by Sean Penn to Evo Morales helped him; he was the victim of extortion and had to flee back to the United States without his investment of thirty-six million dollars. Roca, the owner of Aerosur, the largest airline of the country, was prosecuted and persecuted by the Government, lost his businesses and assets; he accuses the Government of having kept hundreds of millions of dollars, and he was extorted in Miami by a senior official of the Morales Government who now is serving imprisonment for this case in the United States.

The organizers of the event for entrepreneurs and investors did not allow Östreicher or Roca to attend, but Evo Morales gave an important message to attendees, he "offered judicial security and threatened to expel them from Bolivia if they get involved in politics"... So are things with the socialism of the 21st century’s dictators: They want business without freedom and corruption without democracy; investors know now where and with whom. In his "Summit" on October 26 in New York Evo Morales showed that he is an ant capitalist that begs for investments and who also threatens.

(*)* Lawyer and political analyst. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy