By Carlos Sanchez Berzaín



Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and now Argentina, governments which are the axis of the XXI Century Socialism, have reformed the Judicial System, (Argentina is now in the process) as a tool for persecution and repression. They have criminalized liberty and have subordinated the judicial system to politics.

In traditional dictatorships the regime had a police system or a system for political control to prosecute and repress the opposition and businessmen, silence journalists and maintain a frightened society. Today, with the same objective in mind, the XXI Century dictatorships have instituted the criminalization and “legal” repression of political opponents. In Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, instead of having the opposition to be sought after by the police, a prosecutor immediately prosecutes for an "aggravated felony" in name of the "judicial system", hence imprisoning quickly.

The judicial process starts by a sustained and planned attack on the reputation of the victim using all media outlets which are under governmental control. International press releases and memorandums are deployed in a large scale, using as well the Internet and social media networks, seeking to legitimize the false accusation.

Accusations may range from: defamation of the head of government, terrorism, crimes against humanity, corruption, and crimes against the State. Defendants have no chance of a fair defense before an orchestrated process with prosecutors who are the designers of the case, and with judges who receive instructions, even publicly and on television, from the president, 

Defendants are left with three plausible options: try to defend themselves from jail and becoming another name on an already large list of political prisoners; try to defend themselves from a position of limited freedom resigning to their activities; and finally, going into exile leaving their public image in the hands of the executioners. In this way, government of the XXI Century Socialism put an end to the liberty of those who they consider enemies by imposing and subjecting them to self-censorship.

In Venezuela with the reformed Judicial System under Hugo Chavez, and now with his successor; there are cases such as of opponents Osvaldo Alvarez Paz, Leopoldo Lopez, Nixon Moreno, Felipe Rodriguez (military), and Commissioners Vivas and Forero; Also, after this year suspicious election, General Antonio Rivero. Enrique Capriles has already been publicly threatened and government has announced that his cell is ready for him. Journalists, students and employers are prosecuted by the government; el has identified 194 arbitrary processes.

In Bolivia all ex-presidents of the republic were criminally charged by Evo Morales; until recently, the “coca” ruling president overruled the accusation against Eduardo Rodriguez in order to name him as an ambassador to oversee the maritime dispute. More examples of criminal proceedings that have occurred are: against the American James Ostricher, against the businessmen in the aviation industry; Roger Pinto, who has been under political asylum at the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz for a year but has been denied a safe passage out of the country, has also been targeted by the President and by the Judges. Former Governor Reyes Villa has received several convictions; indigenous leaders who were defending protected areas have been prosecuted; the former governor of Beni has been indicted, the governor of Pando is in prison, the governor of Tarija has been declared a fugitive; Ministers and military personnel have been prosecuted together with union leaders.

In Ecuador, Rafael Correa’s persecution against the newspaper El Comercio and former journalist Emilio Palacio is undoubtedly the most known. However, there are many more cases of persecution such as on journalists Juan Carlos Calderón, Cristinan Zurita, Pablo Jaramillo, Fernando Villavicencio; to the police, as is the case of Colonel Cesar Carrion; Representatives Galo Lara, Clever Jimenez, Mery Zamora; indigenous leaders; youth leaders as Luluncot; businessmen, media owners and TV presenters. All of them have been treated as criminals without any possibility of due process or legal equality, and even without the presumption of innocence.

That is how repression and persecution work in countries of the XXI Century Socialism, which are still being called democracies.