Diario Las Americas 
Published 08-09-2013

Reinstate the Republic in Bolivia

By Carlos Sánchez Berzain



On August 6, Bolivia commemorated 188 years of its foundation as a Republic and paradoxically no longer being a Republic. The Socialism of the XXI Century in Bolivia is led by Evo Morales; it is a country subjected to foreign nations and to their dictatorial designs. In approving the constitution of 2009 (identical to the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian cases), he has not only betrayed the Country but has committed an act of treason by removing the name "Republic of Bolivia" and replaced it with the “Multinational State of Bolivia.

A Republic has its foundation on the rule of law and not by what the individuals in the government dictate; it is a system in which sovereignty resides in the people, expressed through a ballot; it is a way to organize the State, where the government is elected by its Citizens for a specific time; founded on its institutions, where rulers and ruled alike are subject to fundamental principles. It is democracy with institutionalism.  There is no Republic without democracy and without institutions.

By removing from Bolivia its Republic status, the current holders of power have substituted it with a "social rights and a unitary state," adding the designation of "multinational for the nearly forty ethnic indigenous tribes in its territory...” Thus, in addition to ending the Republic they seek the destruction of the "Bolivian Nation" through the division of the Bolivian people in its ethnic groups and races. Incessantly, they pretend to ignore and fracture the Bolivian Nation including the fact that they manipulated the National Census this year by excluding the term "Bolivian"; although it shows that over 60% of Bolivians do not define themselves as indigenous.

Bolivia is no longer a Republic it has a ruler above the law and when it suits him, he is the law. There is no Republic and there is no democracy because the current situation does not meet any of the essential elements of democracy required by Article 3 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter ": respect for human rights and fundamental liberties, access to power and exercise it under the rule of law, the holding of periodic, free, and fair elections based on secret balloting and universal suffrage as an expression of the sovereignty of the people, the pluralistic system of political parties and organizations, and the separation and independence of government powers".

The Republic entails the respect for the liberty and fundamental rights of Bolivians, currently intimidated, persecuted, exiled, and/or political prisoners. It is essential to return to the rule of law, to stop the institutionalized electoral fraud, which as first step has given the approval and authorization of a third presidential term to Morales; It is imperative the reinstating of freedom of the press and the necessary separation and independence of the public powers, which currently does not exist today, given that the government has and uses the judicial system as a tool for political repression.

To reinstate the Republic of Bolivia, there is first the need to recover of the Bolivian Nation; as a result of these 188 years of history and community the mestizo Bolivian citizen, come together not only by ethnicity but by their values; It is the sense of identity which was proclaimed by the national liberation process started on April 9, 1952 by the National Revolution which established class alliance against class struggle sustained by Marxism. Today, the Government of Bolivia, opposes crossbreeding (mestizaje) in its strategy to continue the destruction of Bolivians who bring together Bolivia as Nation, encouraging confrontation and dependence.

The fear of Morales’s government is watching that the restoration of the Republic of Bolivia is already happening: it is being made by the women and men, citizen who have told the official census that they are Bolivians and not indigenous. It is the mestizo Bolivia the only one that exists and it is realizing that its “cocalero” leader has sold the Homeland, has ended democracy and intends to rob Bolivians their national identity as well.

The author is a lawyer and political scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy