Press Release                                  PR-E 03/13

Osvaldo Hurtado: "XXIst century dictatorships do not physically kill citizens, but they do morally."

The statement of former Ecuadorian President was made in Miami as part of the presentation of his book: "Dictatorships of the XXIst Century, the Ecuadorian case"

Former President of Ecuador, Dr. Osvaldo Hurtado Larrea, successfully ended the visit to Miami where he presented, at the invitation of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy, his most recent book "Dictatorships of the XXIst Century, the Ecuadorian case".

The presentation of the event, which featured a large group of guests of multiple nationalities, was conducted by Dr. Guillermo Lousteau, President of the IID, the renowned writer Carlos Alberto Montaner and Dr. Carlos Sánchez Berzaín.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Lousteau emphasized the commitment of the IID with the promotion of the principles of democracy and institutions in Latin America. He considered the book presented was a "very special instrument" for that purpose.

Carlos Alberto Montaner, for his part, said that reading the former President Hurtado book, surely President Rafael Correa "could certainly learn a few fundamental things".

Sánchez Berzaín, in turn, said that, although the book shows the reality of Ecuador, at the same time it describes a phenomenon that for more than ten years has been occurring in Latin America. This phenomenon, of continental scope and global significance, has been, as he said, deliberately ignored by the democratic Governments of the continent.

During the presentation of the book which, he said, has been a Best Seller in his native Ecuador, Hurtado pointed out that behind those political regimes called Socialism of the XXIst century, lays the old dictatorships of the XIXth Century in Latin America “The Caudillistas”."Using the democratic institutions they seize them and transform them into dictatorships," he said.

The former President, however, made it clear, that in his opinion, most of Latin America, in terms of population, gross domestic product and territory, is democratic, as such has not been the case in its history. "Democracy is always alive and is successful in most of the continent".

It was felt that countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru are largely leaving behind Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, in where it exists, in his view, what he called a "remedo democracy" which, he said, is in retreat.

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