InterAmerican Institute for Democracy

                Instituto Interamericano por la Democracia



Miami, January 12th,  2016





Regarding the statements made on January 11th of this year by the President of the Senate of Bolivia, Mr. José Gonzales, pointing the Interamerican Institute for Democracy (IID) as co-author of a supposed "Strategic Plan for Bolivia ". We reject such statements because such officer presented a false and forged document, where they have supplanted the personality and the symbols of the IID.

According to the attached copy, dated on November 23rd, 2015, we publicly denounced the falsification of the document entitled "Strategic Plan for Bolivia".

It is unacceptable, and it probably constitutes a serious crime (which it will have to be determined by the courts), that a political authority uses falsified documents to try to engage academic and social institutions like the IID and the American Liberty Forum, (which is also improperly quoted in the apocryphal document) in their partisan activities.

The IID is a nonprofit organization established in the State of Florida, United States of America; dedicated to the defense of freedom and democracy, and that in this situation it will promote the investigation of the facts by federal authorities.


Carlos Alberto Montaner                                                Karen Hollihan

President                                                                    Director