January 7th, 2014





Evo Morales


Head of Bolivia’s Plurinational State




Given your interest and concern on the content of my book “XXI CENTURY DICTATORSHIP IN BOLIVIA” and your statements made this past 5th and 6th of January regarding recipient of the Nobel Prize of Literature Mario Vargas Llosa’s visit, I feel compelled to write to you clarifying to the public the following aspects: 


1. - You have stated that "Vargas Llosacomes to Santa Cruz … at the request or by direction of Sanchez Berzain". That is a lie and you know it, as the ditty says “Evo miente como Siempre” (Evo lies, as usual) because this way (as instructed by your Cuban strategists who set the course of your government) you pretend to get ahead of the imminent and reiterated criticism that the illustrious defender of freedom and democracy, Mario Vargas Llosa, will articulate in Bolivia as he does everywhere in the world.  You cannot govern as you do and pretend that the world does not take notice.  I don’t have anything to do with neither Mario Vargas Llosa’s trip nor his plans. I admire him as a writer and as a fighter in defense of the fundamental rights of the people. 


2. - Evo,you don’t need anyone to discredit you; you have accomplished that by yourself. You could have followed the road of Mandela uniting the Bolivian people towards development, but you preferred the path of Mugabe, turning yourself in a dictator: dividing Bolivians, violating their basic freedoms, taking absolute control of power. You act and have acted against national independence by subjecting the country to the commands of Cuba and of Venezuela: The Bolivia under your control today has less freedom of the press, less freedom of expression, no independence of the branches of government, and less of a future when compared to the Bolivia of ten years ago. You have annihilated the Republic of Bolivia and your “plurinational” (multinational) state has unlawfully persecuted political prisoners and political exiles, you govern with the Cuban castrists techniques of establishing fear onto any opposition; you have turned over to Castros’ Cuba the administration of the Bolivian Postal System, the national security forces, the personal identification bureau, medical services, rural indoctrination, eavesdropping on communications, and the daily life of all Bolivians. All of those are acts that generate condemnation from our compatriots. Your political experiment is not Bolivian, it is one of foreign interventionism, it is a copy of that one applied by Cuba in Venezuela, in Ecuador, and in Nicaragua, where even the Constitutions and their amendments are all the same. All they seek is to control and establish total power indefinitely, and thus they have ended democracy. All of this without mentioning the illegal cultivation and harvesting of coca to the extent that Bolivia is under the international suspicion of being a “narco-state”.


3. - My book “XXI CENTURY DICTATORSHIP IN BOLIVIA” has as a framework of reference on what democracy and dictatorship are all about, and it makes a brief historic journey into the attempts against the democracy that you are participating; it describes the constitutional fraud, facts and cases (all verified and verifiable) that evidence the nature of your political acts and those of your government that are not befitting a democracy.  I must remind you that according to the Inter-American Democratic Charter (subscribed by Bolivia) the essential elements of a democracy are: “The respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; Access to power and its exercise subject to the Rule of Law; The conduct of periodic elections: free, just, and based on a universal and secret vote as an expression of a nation’s sovereignty; A multi-party and political organizations system, The separation and independence of government branches”.  I understand why the book worries you because it shows how in your government none of these essential elements are complied with.       


The book presents some cases of judicial persecution that you have institutionalized in Bolivia and describes the characteristics of such persecution’s procedures.  Each of your victims could write several books about the drama they had to endure by your abuses. 


What you refer to as “instructions by Sanchez Berzain" contained in the book, is the content of Chapter 5 "How to regain democracy" under the objective and real conditions of today’s Bolivia. It formulates five suggestions that I think are good due to the response they have motivated, and besides, because they could be applicable to all countries victims of the Alba project, also called XXI Century’s socialism.  These are not my creations, they have been taken from the political history of the nations that have fought for their freedom, and they are:   Call things by their name, The indispensable unity of the opposition (with the examples of the Chilean left and Venezuelan opposition), Regain the ability to condemn improper government acts, Raise the solidarity of the world’s democracies, and Recognize that we have lost democracy. 


4.- Since I know that your strategists will immediately start a new volley of attacks against my person seeking to apply their “character assassination” techniques (you should read Annex 7 of the book, also published in the Diario las Americas) misrepresenting the facts of October of 2003 that you yourself have reasserted publicly as the overthrowing of a government democratically elected, I must remind you that the political prosecution with which you haunt and vilify me has –amongst others- the following characteristics:


4.1.­ you are the accuser although you were the main instigator and author of the crimes that you pretend to judge;


4.2.- The prosecution is being pursued only against those of us who defended democracy in compliance with the Constitution and laws; the conspirators, seditious rioters and authors, with you as their leader, have never been investigated because they are protected by Supreme Decrees 27234 and 27237 through which Carlos Mesa gave them amnesty.  Only one side is accused; Those who provoked, executed, and benefitted from the violent acts are now in your government enjoying the amnesty and claiming as meritorious their role in the overthrow;


4.3.­ you giddily promoted the prosecution in spite of the negative report submitted by a Prosecutors’ Commission who found no legally prosecutable offense; For this reason they were removed from their jobs and were replaced by amenable prosecutors willing to follow your orders;


4.4. - during the polling of the members in Congress the necessary number of votes was not attained to authorize the prosecution, and violating the law you forced their authorization;


4.5.- You have removed Prosecutors, judges, and magistrates, you have persecuted them, prosecuted them, and pressured them to resign until you could have total control of the entire judicial system with which you also have made members of the Military High Command of 2003, political prisoners;


4.6.- It is a prosecution that does not respect neither legal guarantees, nor rights; it does not respect the equality of the parts, the due process of law, the presumption of innocence, the impartiality of the Judge, the nature of the evidence: nothing is respected.  It is a political lynching that you still find useful as propaganda . . . but if you ever want to clear up the truth in front of the Bolivian people, you only have to ask for the archives of your statements and public speeches on the topic in which you have already confessed your guilt.


Finally, let the book “XXI CENTURY DICTATORSHIP IN BOLIVIA” be readily available in the country and order your political henchmen police to return the copies they have censored.  People will download it from Amazon anyway.  If the Bolivian people find something that is not true, verified, or verifiable, I offer to allow you to amend it in its third edition. 


A proverb says “you can fool lots of people sometimes, you can fool some people lots of times, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time”.  Be careful Evo, time goes by.


From exile        Cc/ Prensa.