By Carlos Alberto Montaner

Nicolas Maduro said that President Juan Manuel Santos' “stabbed Venezuela in the back". It is not known whether this dramatic information was given via a twittering bird or if it is the conclusion of an observation.

Maduro sees things that no one perceives. He is a clairvoyant. For example: Maduro found his face in the hands of Chavez, Lord Commander’s portrait. But the Colombian-Venezuelan record does not just end there. According to him, the Colombians, together with the CIA, are trying to poison him.

I think it's important to note the sequence. These revelations complete a clinical picture. First he had auditory hallucinations with birds that spoke. Afterwards he had visual hallucinations of his own image. Now we see reports of sinister conspiracies. It seems that this is a classic case of paranoid schizophrenia.

The Venezuelans, especially after Mario Silva’s revelations, discuss whether Maduro is manipulated by the Communist Cuban or a mystic Sai Baba, but I suspect that the real question is whether this subject is affected by a transient psychotic episode as a result of stress, treatable with a few pills Risperidone, or from an incurable schizophrenic gloomy prognosis.(I fear the latter.)

In any case, the "stab" is that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos received Henrique Capriles, the Venezuelan opposition leader and likely real winner of the April 14 election.

Santos, in fact, did nothing exceptional. He received the representative of at least of half the Venezuelan society. That was a responsible action. Relations between the countries are not between governments, but between nations. Not having received Capriles, would have been to deny the legitimacy that his countrymen awarded him at the polls; it would have been, in a way, an interference in the internal affairs of their neighbors. 

Governments are only temporary representatives of Nations. When Maduro will be confined to a mental institution, as happened to Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, and Capriles occupies the Presidency, and when there is another “tenant” at Narino Palace in Bogota, the links between both countries will remain unchanged.

Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Santos did the right thing in receiving Capriles; I have the impression that his is mistaken in his treatment towards the communist narco-guerrillas of the FARC in the negotiations conducted in Havana.

In the same way that it is reasonable to recognize the legitimacy of Capriles speaking for half Venezuela, it does not make any sense to give to the representatives of the FARC the treatment of a valid interlocutor in order to try to discuss and determining Colombia’s political fate, as if they were the other legitimate half of  the citizenship of Colombian.

It is not admissible, as part of the discussions with the FARC, a possible agrarian reform or the rights of workers, as if the battle with the left wing Colombian Communist Party originated from social demands and not from the fight to take the power and establish a dictatorial collectivist regime based on the superstitions of Marxism-Leninism.

If it has not been possible to military control these criminals, it is legitimate to seek the end of the armed conflict by way of talks leading to an armistice, but this means the end of hostilities on the rebels part, delivering their arms and become subordinated to the rule of law.

It is also reasonable to explore areas of forgiveness and reconciliation, as it has been done in dozens of societies martyred by bloody conflicts, but this requires the recognition of guilt and repentance by those who have been systematically violating the rules, and so far it does not seem be the attitude of the FARC.

It is likely that Juan Manuel Santos, is full of good intentions; he want to be able to deliver peace to his people and be remembered by it, as his historical legacy, but the way that his is trying to accomplish his goal presents a high risk that he will deliver as heritage an State institutionally fragile and politically helpless.

In other words, leaving the door open for other monsters to appear.