Inconsistencies in the FOREIGN POLICY

GOOD BYE TO THE UN - 09.25.11

By Armando Valladares, former ambassador to the Human Rights Commission of the UNiesi

The UN is made up of 187 countries. The United States pay to the taxpayer almost 25% of the budget of this organization that is downright anti-American and anti-democratic countries.

The U.S. government - as has been denouncing Congresswoman Ileana Ross chairman of the powerful Foreign Relations Committee of Congress is giving the UN generous funds being used to finance terrorist countries and programs that keep our money with a bureaucratic apparatus, pay travel, hotel and engaged in attack-free countries and especially the U.S..

It is outrageous that the U.S. contributes millions of dollars to the Human Rights Council of the UN, controlled and dominated by terrorists and countries where Cuba has held the presidency and countries like Iran, Syria etc. constantly conspiring to blow up the foundations of democracy and freedoms in countries free indeed. 

The U.S. is the only country that when slapped, reaches into his pockets and gives millions of dollars to those who attack. This policy must end masochist.

Most Americans have no idea how our money is spent on these agencies and foreign aid, while in our own country the poverty rate soars like never before in history. Saying goes that charity must begin with our own home. We must not give food to neighbors if not for that we feed our family.

At the UN the countries that receive our help are most often vote against us regardless of the merits of what is proposed. So channeled his hostility against the U.S. and pose as "independent".

For example, Egypt, a country we give away every year about two billion dollars (given away not provided) to the time of voting, 79% of the time they vote against us.

In India we give you a hundred and forty-five million dollars and vote against us 81% of the times.

Ethiopia, the last figure of the gift that has released CUATROSCIENTOS AID was seventy-four million in 2007. This country, 68% of the votes against U.S. times.Jordan received CUATROSCIENTOS fifty eight million dollars, our gift and 72% of the votes against U.S. sometimes in the General Assembly.

Pakistan receives about seven million dollars and 75% of the time voted against us.

But the most amazing of all these gifts is that we have been giving to Russia.Reports of AID are only figures from 2001 to 2007. No recent years appear, and I think that is intentional not publish this infamy, well, in those years we have given Russia TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. What for? ! Be amazed!!. These donations appear under the acronym FSA (Former Soviet State Assitance) What does this mean? I could not know that means that current assistance to the former Soviet Union. Someone told me was to pay withdrawals of former officers of the Soviet Union. No doubt we are paying withdrawals from former KGB agents. I should not wonder. The moral degeneration and masochistic American foreign policy is capable of that and more .....

All this I write here is only the tip of the iceberg. Since the UN is not that inspired its creation. It has become a bastion for the enemies of Democracy and Freedom and work on those goals. It is outrageous that they do with our money.

I remember now the words of Lenin: - "the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them," the U.S. should leave the UN altogether. Free countries can establish another organization where governments have no place tyrannical terrorists. Staying at the UN or the OAS is an immoral exercise and a contribution knowingly to the decline and end of Western civilization.