(*) Amanda Gorski

Without pretending to be alarmist, the fact is that the world is on the threshold of a third world war, this time asymmetric, perhaps therefore more dangerous for being more difficult to establish its contours and for not existing clear leadership in those countries with more advanced societies which in the past assumed their responsibilities.

Ten most significant wars existing at the moment are listed by the world press: Ukraine, Gaza, Libya, Mali, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Iraq, Southern Sudan, Syria and Somalia, but the silent war (in terms of cannons roars), which is developed intensely in Latin America and the Caribbean, is overlooked.

In the past 16 years, under the leadership of Fidel Castro and his instrument; the Forum of São Paulo, the new 21st century dictatorships in Latin America or also called "Union of Castrist Socialists Republics” (UCSR) has been developing.

Countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua have clearly consolidated regimens that now we cannot call democratic not existing division of powers, and establishing eternal executives who have been destroying by all possible ways the political opposition, as well as obliterating freedom of the press. Both the political opposition and independent media, are maintained at their minimum levels in trying to continue pretending a plurality that does not exist.

Others, such as Argentina and El Salvador, to varying degrees, aspire to achieve the same status as the aforementioned countries.

Colombia, which up to a few years ago was an example of how to consolidate a prosperous democracy in the continent, has fallen into a a peace process clutter where terrorists have caught the Government in a spider's web and swiftly, the Executive in that country is serving the interests of the entire project of the Foro de São Paulo, which can lead to a finale where FARC terrorists end up ruling in that country, and the democrats end up in jails or in exile.

Brazil, which against the wishes of those who have ruled in the past 10 years has managed to keep safe of a radicalization thanks to the solidity of its institutions, could fall on the same route if the President Dilma Rouseff is reelected in the elections of the next October. The reason why this can happen? Simple, over the last 10 years they have had time to send to retirement, or buying, many officials of the various powers that kept the democratic balance, as well as have been able to create a new breed of corrupt entrepreneurs as in Venezuela, in Bolivia, in Ecuador and in Nicaragua, who are willing to continue enriching even if their country become a Marxist dictatorship. They forget that, like in Cuba, sooner rather than later, they will lose everything.

That's what happened, and what is happening.

Is also the case that, in these new dictatorships, international criminal cartels -drug, human, and all kinds of traffic- have consolidated and have been interlaced in such a manner with the highest levels of those Governments that we could already describe them as  States ruled by organized crime. What is more serious is that everything is happening before our eyes, and no one turns on the alarm.

Russia and China, with their hegemonic plans in the short and medium term, are helping to consolidate those mafia Governments in the region, using as a "tip of the spear" the Cuban dictatorship which is who moves the power wires in the area that we have mentioned; the main objective of them (Russia and China) is the destruction of the United States; its economy, and its example of democracy and global leadership.

We must wake up!

(*)(*) Political scientist, Sociologist, Associate Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.