Democracy. It should matter to us


By Karen Hollihan

No one rose to power with methods more democratic than Hitler but can hardly regard this as a democratic leader because despite having been elected with large majority used his mandate to destroy every trace of it. Would that other criteria should have been respected? The alternation of the mandate, strict respect for freedom of the press, a framework of pluralism and tolerance towards minorities and the will not to get hands on the other powers to achieve the independence of these.

The list of dictators who destroyed democracy and thus insulted their own constituents is vast and Peron, Stroessner, Fujimori, are some examples of Presidents who won election and became extremely authoritarian dictators so that the number of votes is not what defines at all the democratic quality of a candidate elected.

What we are living in different countries of Latin America is a major expansion of a neocomunismo that unlike that existed in the last century, is headquartered in Havana and Caracas with the added difference that call themselves democratic creating a terminological confusion to not associate closely to the failure of the Soviet Socialist experiment.

Stalinism spoke of people's democracy but that nothing has to do with the concepts of a Republican democracy. I defend the vote, but it is not enough and when you hear talk of "democratization" of media, of Justice and of the revolution citizen, terms that are sold very well, are accepting definitions that don't match what actually is happening.

Would that the Socialists of the 21st century have in common? They build political power whittled the other powers, persecute independent media accusing it of corrupt and mercantilist, seize judicial, constitutional, and electoral power making its claims, built a gigantic propaganda machine, destroy the credibility of opponents and create a society in a State of helplessness since slowly nobody dares to question even the absolute Chief imposing a model that rides the lives of hundreds of thousands and that only serves as a fuel for eternalize in power.

When people stop protest, either because of fear or indifference is signal that the brakes with impunity due to ethical degradation have disappeared. The next step is the dehumanization.

The presence of this powerful political current must undertake the fight against these populist dictatorships whose ultimate goal is to destroy the institutionalism and democratic societies values and the future of our children, but the issue is not only defeat a dictatorship but to create the historical conditions in which does not have fitted any dictatorship, and the solutions require a comprehensive and deep and long-term strategies analysis.

Among those conditions, respect for the law and private property, the radical fight against corruption, paternalism and abandoned and the defence of our political parties and institutions should be prioritized. Without them there is no freedom without freedom there is no democracy, and without democracy there is no peace and less harmonious development.

It should matter to us.