Carlos Sánchez Berzain*

The Castro strategy, outlined by Hugo Chávez when the community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was created, as "a 21st century political union to constitute a major center of power excluding the United States" and to "suppress the Organization of American States (OAS)", is in action.  CELAC is regional political instrument of the dictatorships of the socialism of the 21st century controlled by Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

The Summit on 2 and 3 December 2011 in which the CELAC was born, was postponed from July of that year because Hugo Chávez was diagnosed with cancer. It was impossible the implementation of the "regional political instrument" inspired by the Castrism, without the presence of Chavez - principal operator and capitalist partner- using Venezuelan oil by means of gifts, loans, supports policies, subsidized oil sales, with the embezzlement of money from the people, to build a regional support they needed to institutionalize.

CELAC comes from the Castro dictatorship project’s need -already expanding from its alliance with Hugo Chávez- for a regional political mechanism that will replace the OAS.  It was not enough to own the majority of votes in the OAS, having appointed and subordinate its Secretary-General (Insulza).  The institutional framework of the OAS, its principles, respect for human rights, freedom and democracy, the Charter of Bogota, the Inter-American Democratic Charter and its long tradition, were and are antagonistic to the Bolivarian dictatorial project that ended up being called "socialism of the 21st century".

The extermination of the rule of law, the violation of human rights and freedom of the press, prisoners and political exiles, the use of the judiciary for political persecution, electoral fraud, the disappearance of the division and separation of public powers, indefinite Government tenure; in short, all the features of the 56 years  of Castro dictatorship which have been implemented in the regimes of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, are contrary to the principles and values of the civilized world gathered by the OAS.

That is why the Castro dictatorship, even controlling, by Chavez, the majority of votes in the OAS, could not, it was its convenience, the return to the same.  It was better to create another entity, that, moreover, be anti-imperialist. Hugo Chávez evidenced Castro’s strategy the same day CELAC was created expressing that "the OAS is old, it is a space that was manipulated and dominated by the United States... the CELAC is the newness..." is to reduce dependence...".

All socialism of the 21st century’s dictators confessed their view.  Daniel Ortega declared that "the CELAC is the death sentence to United States interference in Latin America".  Rafael Correa said "is a step to achieved autonomy from the United States", he previously, in 2012 said "it is time that the CELAC replace the OAS ", and now that he starts the temporary presidency of the CELAC, he defends the dictatorship of Maduro saying "enough of economic war against Venezuela". Evo Morales has just ordered "that all Presidents of the CELAC should be anti-capitalist as Fidel and Raúl Castro..."(who are example of ruling leaders in the region?!).

The dictators of the 21st century are using CELAC to engage the region with China, do business without transparency, and trying to mitigate their economic crisis.  Correa considered that "the CHINA-CELAC Alliance will serve to improve the unfair world order".  No doubt, they are seeking the more suitable ally to hold power indefinitely and dictatorially: With China there is no condition of democracy, respect for human rights, or accountability.

In this scenario, in his CELAC, dictator Raúl Castro, member of the CELAC’s "troika", already matched as "President" next to their dictators and to democratic Presidents in the region, has set his basis for negotiation in the so-called process of normalization.  Given that in the CELAC there are no regards for democracy, human rights, freedom of press, or for private property, and it seems not to mind the truth, Castro has presented his leading Latin America dictatorship, by an effective use of CELAC as his political tool.

* Lawyer, Political Scientist, Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy.

Source: http://www.diariolasamericas.com/4962_carlos-sanchez-berzain/2926748_Carlos-S%C3%A1nchez-Berza%C3%ADn-CELAC-Castro.html