By Carlos Sánchez Berzaín



With Venezuela’s electoral fraud barely sustained, the Socialism of the XXIst Century has already launched the electoral fraud for the Bolivia elections in December 2014.

Electoral fraud has begun with Evo Morales’s intention to be the Presidential candidate for a third consecutive time, even though the country’s Constitution –which he designed, and has destroyed all of the Bolivian democratic institutions- does not allow it.

In order for the machinery to work and allow indefinite electoral triumphs, Morales needs to be candidate, but because the Constitution forbids it,he has asked his Constitutional Court for an resolution that will quickly enable the “cocalero” leader the possibility of a third election.

Bolivia’s Constitutional Court is today composed of individuals that are result of "Evo Morales’s Judicial Reform ", which in the end terminated the Judicial System’s independence. Let us remember that, when writing their Constitutions, Morales, using the same Hugo Chávez’s and Correa's trick, they also changed the name of the Justice Supreme Court, leaving all of the previous justices who were already under attack, unemployed, and appointed judges from their own ranks.

The Judicial System is only another tool of Evo Morales’s absolute power; in return he uses it as an instrument of intimidation, repression, political persecution and to perpetuate in power. Therefore, the court resolution of allowing Morales to be a candidate for a third re-election only exacerbates its role as an enabler.

The resolution of the Court authorizes the candidacy of Evo Morales justifying it with this new Constitution, by which Evo “founded” Bolivia, so the previous election does not count; Meaning that the Court authorizes Morales to be able to run for his first re-election in 2014. This happened in Venezuela, Ecuador and now in Bolivia. This only demonstrates that this is the first step in committing electoral fraud which without it, these regimes may not be able to remain in power.

The following steps of electoral fraud are known, but it is worth to revisit them in order to observe their staging: Both chamber of Congress will approve the government’s re-election by majority of votes, ratified later by the Constitutional Tribunal; the illegitimate candidate will announce that his election depends on the citizens; the cocaleros Unions and political organizations linked to the Government will bestow public praise for Morales until he officially announces his candidacy; the pro-Government candidate will begin to campaign over a year previous to election date, using all the assets and resources of the State, and controlling all media. The electoral courts of the Government will formally launch the electoral process based on citizen registration, identified by the system now controlled by "Cuban advisers" (Evo removed the national identification system from the Bolivian police); real opposition candidates with any option of gaining support  will be charged and prosecuted for corruption, genocide or terrorism, and the judicial system will operate in order to send them to jail or force them into exile as it has happened with many Bolivian political leaders.

Thus the elections of December 2014 in Bolivia will be carried out by a "community vote" rather than free and secret vote; in a single party system instead of plural and free system; in a society of exiles, prisoners and victims of political persecution; where freedom of the press and of expression are under control; without possible financing for the opponents; with electoral observers from the Alba which will legalize fraud; and allow ballot box fraud. (Cuban Style elections?)

And the world will continue calling that a Democracy?!!